What do you need to pay attention to when operating a health check valve

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In many kinds of food machinery are different sanitary check valve, this is to pay great attention to sanitary check valve this application, then in use or need to pay attention to what install sanitary check valve? The most important thing is to pay attention to when the operation. Sanitary check valve is a universal one-way fluid valve. Its light weight, small volume, easy to install in the flange between the valve springs and within two semicircular board composition, closed with a spring pin fixed to the body deformation of the valve plate deformation, fluid pressure exerted by the spring to open quickly, this can protect the pipes from water hammer damage.

Health check valve installation note: the placement of the pipeline should pay attention to the health check valve through the direction of fluid flow in the vertical installation of the pipeline. For the horizontal pipe, placed vertically between sanitary check valve and butterfly valve using a telescopic tube, do not be directly connected with other valves in sanitary check valve valve plate operating radius, avoid adding fittings and obstructions do not in front of wafer type check valve or after the installation a tube near the elbow check valve installed on the folder, to pay attention to enough space left in the pump outlet check valve installed on the folder, out of space at least six times the diameter of the valve disc to ensure the final effect by the fluid. Health check valve works when the body is shown by the arrow body into the body of the valve body, the role of the media pressure on the valve flap to produce upward thrust, when the media thrust greater than the valve flap gravity, the valve opens.