Operating principle of sanitary check valve

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Business this time sanitary check valve inside the industry every year is not how, in the second half of August is the best business, sanitary check valve this year's profit is more and more low, I plant in the valve industry base here rent sanitary check every year is constantly provided, valve the master is particularly difficult to recruit, and their salary is the annual rate of 20% rise, do not move to the ideal of the master valve. The following is a master valve in the afternoon to sort out the health check valve operating principle:

1 a higher reverse pressure will act on the stem to close it;

2 sanitary check valve has two structural forms;

3 when the pressure of the lower part of the valve stem exceeds the pressure on the valve stem and the spring force, the check valve is opened;

4 when the valve stem pressure balance, the valve will be closed;

5 sanitary check valve is made up of thickened valve body and two pieces;

6 health check valve using the clamp type connection, which is characterized by economic application, is the food industry is widely used, and now more and more industries have been used.